Health Care


We have a dispensary with proper stock of medicines with 24 hour service. Three sister nurses, duly qualified, provides service to the residents. We maintain medical records of all the residents and provide proper medication as per the prescription of medical consultants. It can meet minor procedures like I/V Infusion, Catheterization, dressing the wound etc. The dispensary has fair amount of facilities such as administering oxygen, nebulization and suction. The bed ridden and infectious cases get special care. In emergency cases, we provide hospital care at our expense.


Every twice in a month medical checkups are conducted at Ardhram Clinic of ESSS which is very close to House of Providence.


Dr. Jose Thaliyath, Rana Biochemic Clinic 40/7323, M.G. Road, Cochin provides regular service to our institution by free medical checkups and free medicines to the residents. Many of our residents make use of this facility.


Dr. Thomas Millet (PT) Obesity and Physiotherapy Centre, Kathirikkadavu, Ernakulam render services to our institution. Twice in a week physiotherapy consultations were provided. We have a well-equipped physiotherapy unit including IFT, Weight Cuff, Heating Pad, IRR, and shoulder Puller. During the year, 30 consultations and treatments were conducted. 49 of our residents benefited from the programme. It helped the residents to stay strong and more productive.